If You Haven't Been Exfoliating, the Time is Now

Here's a few tips to help your skin match your inner glow!

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If You Haven't Been Exfoliating, the Time is Now

Exfoliation is a hot topic in the skincare and beauty community. There are a plethora of exfoliation techniques such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, retinols, enzymes, and scrubs that estheticians use to help people achieve a radiant glow. Often times, the conversation surrounding exfoliating tends to center on facial maintenance but exfoliating your body is just as important. It's important to understand that methods for exfoliation are correlated to certain parts of the body. The skin on our face is far more sensitive and prone to over-exfoliation, for these reasons always consult a licensed esthetician for guidance on the best facial care regime. Because the skin on our bodies is much thicker, scrubs are the way to go. Let's breakdown some of the benefits of full-body exfoliation to help you get that all-over glow.

Proper Exfoliation Can Reduce Dull Skin

When you gently exfoliate your skin, you're able to scrub off unwanted dead skin cells that would usually stay on your body after a regular shower. Try experimenting with different body sponges to achieve smooth and supple skin.

Lather, Natural Sea Wool Sponge

Earth Therapeutics, Exfoliating Body Sponge

Exfoliation Allows Moisturizer To Penetrate Your Skin

Dead skin cells can prevent moisturizers and body oils from penetrating your skin. Lack of exfoliation can leave your skin dry, clogged, and flaky. These issues can lead to body acne and an uneven tone.

Exfoliation Can Reduce Body Acne and Ingrown Hairs

The main culprits for body acne are clogged pores, debris, and bacteria. Light exfoliation can help increase circulation and promote cell turnover. In addition to body acne, exfoliation can help prevent ingrown hairs especially after waxing services. Try to exfoliate 2-3 days after your hair removal service in light circular motions to prevent annoying ingrown hairs.

Exfoliation Tackles Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is extremely common, especially in communities of color. With some patience and consistency, exfoliation can help minimize darker areas of your body to help you achieve an overall even skin tone. Treatment for hyperpigmentation often needs a more targeted approach, especially in the summer. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your entire body to protect those hard to treat areas from getting darker.

Main Takeaway

Exfoliating your body is key to soft and healthy skin! Make sure to leave the heavy-duty chemical treatments to licensed estheticians and invest in scrubs to tackle body care at home. Our new Citrus Lavender Sugar Body Scrub is the perfect product for supple, summer-ready skin! Crafted with cane sugar and immersed in mango seed, jojoba, and rosehip seed oils, this scrub is the solution your skin has been searching for.

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