5 Causes of Split Ends and How to Reduce Them

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5 Causes of Split Ends and How to Reduce Them

Let's face it, split ends are a pain. It can be especially frustrating and discouraging when you're trying to achieve length retention. There is a variety of factors that can contribute to your damaged ends. Here are five quick reasons for your split ends and how you can prevent them.

Your Hair is Dry

Make sure to moisturize your hair daily to prevent split ends and breakage. The LOC method is a great way to make sure that your hair is getting the TLC it truly needs. The LOC method is a pretty simple acronym; (L)eave-in conditioner, (O)il, and (C)ream.

Too Much Heat

Too much heat can put a lot of stress on your hair. Blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair too often and incorrectly will result in split ends. Direct added heat damages the keratin in your hair and thus the result is dry and brittle ends that can eventually spread up the hair shaft. Try to implement alternatives by using Flexi-rods, twists-outs, and protective styles to prevent heat damage. Additionally make sure to use a heat protectant and the lowest setting on your styling tools. 


Exposure to extreme weather conditions can have a negative impact on your hair's health. Although we may not able to control mother nature, there are options to protect your hair especially during those brutal winters. Protective styles like braids and twists can act as a barrier and protect your hair. If you choose to go this route, make sure to have a consistent hydration routine to keep your natural hair in check.


It can be really easy to constantly touch and play with your hair (especially when it looks GOODT!) but over manipulation will add a lot of unnecessary friction to your tresses. Be mindful of putting your hands in your hair too much to prevent snapped ends.


It can be so heartbreaking to come to grips with the fact that you have to trim your hair regularly. Not trimming your hair allows your split ends to travel up the hair shaft and wreak havoc on your mane. Remember, hair health is way more important than hair length. Like Fantasia said, you better free yourself girl! Holding onto dead ends is never a good look. Make sure to trim 3-4 times a year and you'll watch your split ends fade away in no time.


Split ends are inevitable and they happen to the best of us. However, these five steps can make a significant difference in your outlook on split ends and their frequency. You're a queen regardless sis!

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